How to Use Instagram for Local Businesses

With the advent of technology, doing business online becomes highly popular because it offers plethora range of benefits for the business owner and customers as well. Are you decided to start an online business? If so, you have to make use of the social media platform to achieve your goal and get success. There are many online social media platforms offering opportunities to do business online and expand your local business to next level. Instagram is one of the recently popular social media platforms. By using this platform, you can able to attract local business is easier. Instagram has more than 800 million active users throughout the world and 75 million daily users.

With this platform, you have extended and amazing opportunity to market your services and products to reach a targeted audience without spending more money. Most importantly, you will get many real Instagram followers who will be a loyal customer for your brand and continually do business with you.

Right from the popularity of instagram stories to the recent expansion of the advertising chances, it is a perfect time to be accessing instagram for local business. Make use of the below mentioned tips how to use instagram for local business.

Set Up Instagram Account for Your Business

If you decide to do business on Instagram, then you have to setup instagram account for business first. Follow below mentioned steps to set up instagram business account.

Download the instagram app from the play store and install it on your device

Once the app has installed, tap to open the app

Now, tap the sign up button and enter your email address and then tap next or else you can simply press login with facebook to sign up with your facebook account

In the app, find the settings options and scroll down to “switch to business account” option

Once you have chosen the business account, you can able to add important information such business address, hours, and phone number

Tips to Use Instagram for Local Businesses

Make your instagram bio awesome!

Ensure people able to understand your business is in the local area in determining your bio. Try to add a brief description of the business location. Space is limited to the Instagram account so that write accordingly as who are you and what you do.

Make sure the excellent quality of the bi image. You can have set personal images or your business logo if it is identifiable. Instagram bio place also lets you hyperlink your business site so that place it perfectly to drive traffic to your site by clicking on it.


Hashtags are the important key to reach the board range of audience. Hence, create a list specific to your location and industry as the popular hashtags. It should make sense and relate to your brand. Therefore, it will result in more audience engagements and increase followers & likes on your profile.

Try to skip usual #instafollow and add hashtags in the comment section of the post rather than description. Share some local images and related your clients to them. Keep in mind that you should use high-quality images relate your local business.

Have a theme based instagram account

Your instagram account should not look like account have random photos. If you want your account look real, have a theme and so your brand is easily recognizable and tries to keep photos consistent. Having a theme does not at all mean all of your images should be promotional. Make use of the tools and resources available within the instagram account to grow your local business.

Aforementioned tips are highly useful for you optimize your business instagram account and help your local business as well.

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