Blue WhatsApp

Blue WhatsApp or some may call it Blue Whatsapp plus is a very good WhatsApp APK, From here you can download the latest version of this awesome WhatsApp MOD, You may scroll down to read the installation guide and features of this app.

Blue WhatsApp Download : Get the Latest version of BLUE WA today and start using it right away. You change Blue WhatsApp’s theme completely along with colors, fonts and chat bubbles. Each and every part of this MOD is customizable. The main functions are also there, including messaging with all your existing contacts. This gives a great advantage to  Blue WA as it can tap into the existing user base of already established WhatsApp and can allow you to communicate in a much interesting manner.

Blue WhatsApp

There are a lot of themes to choose from within blue. All of them offers something new in terms of looks. You can integrate those themes with the normal features that this app has to offer in order keep the experience novel. Apart from display features, there are also additional stuffs in the functionalities department. The file-sharing limit has been boosted up to 1 gigs. Apart from this, groups of larger than originally allowed size can be created within blue whatsapp.

How To Download & Install Blue WhatsApp APK

Use the link mentioned above in order to initiate the download process. It is an APK file that is binary in nature. It means that once downloaded, it can be shared as many times as desired to facilitate installation in other devices. However, if file turns a few days old then we will suggest to check this page back for any updates before transferring to other phones/tablets. It is because of the fact that updates are always on there way in the case of WhatsApp. And if you delay updating for a while, the app itself stops working entirely on the phone. Since Blue is based on the original WhatsApp, it is also constrained by this limitation.

  • Download Blue WhatsApp from the link mentioned (The Button Mentioned earlier)
  • Use the APK File to initiate the installation (Tap over it)
  • This will trigger package installer and you will be prompted to Allow installation
  • After this, certain permissions will be asked. Go through each of them one by one and Allow all as all will be essential for the app to be able to run properly
  • After this the installation will commence and you will see the progress bar loading up until it completes.
  • Upon completion, an icon will appear on your home screen from which you will be able to power up BLUE Whatsapp

If the above guide fails, try the common bugfixes mentioned in this post. BLUE WHATSAPP’s installation process is identical to that of the other MODS of its kind. It is because it shares most of its source code with its counterparts. The main difference lies in the fact that they have different developers. This makes the entire process of listening to feedbacks and responding to them with updates a different process.

Blue WhatsApp Change-log

Here is the official change log that have posted along with the latest update. This will get updated as soon as the new variant arrives. All the changes/bugfixes and improvements could be observed from the list mentioned.

  • Base:
  • Exclusive: Custom Double Tap emoji for every chat (Chat > 3-dots)
  • Added: Show notification for blocked calls due to calls privacy
  • Added: Option to disable Double Tap to Like
  • Added: Admin Indicator in groups
  • Added: Custom Background Color for Text Status
  • Added: Custom Text Color for Text Status
  • Added: New way to show updates (BETA)
  • Fixed: Top bar disappearing in stock UI
  • Fixed: Voice/Video icon color in calls screen
  • Fixed: some Arabic translation spellings
  • Improved: “Who can call me” settings. Deny options now auto disabled when set to “everyone”
  • Improved: Show “chats” instead of “whatsapp” in one ui header
  • Misc Many other fixes and improvements

Note : MISC Improvements usually deals with changes made on a deeper level relating to overall functions of the MOD (e.g. enhancement in the scrolling or decreasing the load time).


Up until now we had only briefly touched the actual user-experience part. But we also tried BLUE on our devices and tested it out to ascertain its worth. During our testing phase, BLUE actually performed better than most of its lesser-known counterparts. It did that with minimal lags and an impressive smooth overall experience. Our first tester was using a mid range Android device with the latest OS and a clean storage. Upon installation, the App was tested for all the functions that were claimed on its homepage, namely :

  • Change the launcher icon
  • Lots of amazing themes collection
  • Hide profile picture from specific contact
  • You can send larger files
  • More emojis
  • Hide and lock Chats
  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Bypass Contact List Requirement (no need to save a contact to send Whatsapp message)
  • You can share HD images and FULL HD videos
  • Lots of font styles, Users can chose their favorite font family
  • Anti-Ban
  • Option to Disable online, typing, and recording status.
  • Download status and split.
  • View status annonymously
  • Import emoji from other apps to WhatsApp.
  • Automatic message scheduler
  • Hide Last Seen
  • Freeze last seen

All those features were tested one by one and after a week of testing, our team has verified each and every one of them. It took a lot of time as some features were not particularly stable on a mid range device. But that still is not a deal-breaker as most of the key extra functions worked perfectly.



Final Words

BLUE WhatsApp is packed with all the features you can expect in B plus WhatApp MOD. These features are now tested and verified by us and we will revise it once an update arrives. Most of the features were added as per the request of the Telegram group members. It is a common practice of developers to create an official group where they can ask for suggestions and requests that can be implemented with upcoming updates. These updates are the ones that we will be testing in order to verify the usability of them.