Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher is one of the great tools for Android, and there is no doubt in that. It helps us to hack almost all the Android apps and games. Allows us to block ads and modify different app permissions and capable of doing a bunch of other stuff. Let’s talk about some features of lucky patcher apk app.

Do you like to play with your Android phone? Do you like to use apps and play on your Android device? If so, then one thing you must have frustrated while playing any application or game is the purchase in the application. Apps and games come with locked levels, tools, coins, characters and other resources that need to be unlocked to fully enjoy the App / Game. To solve this problem, today we decided to share an App called Lucky Patcher for your smartphones, using which you can enjoy any App or game without interruptions. Also have a look at gta 5 apk

I am using this Android tool from quite some time now and and yes I can say that it is a must-have Android application because it comes with some damn cool features that no other application has. You can easily manage all the applications installed on your device and change your permissions, remove ads from Google, remove license verification, apply patches, make free in the purchase application and much more interesting tasks. The application of Luck Patcher is rooted as a priority, but there is no need to worry because many features like custom patches and free in-app purchases will work without root. You can download the Lucky Patcher app for Android from the direct download link indicated below:

Lucky Patcher Apk Download Latest Version For Android


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Lucky Patcher App (features)

Lucky Patcher Apk comes with tons of awesome features like a hack in-app purchase, Remove ads from specific apps & much more LP works on non rooted device also but in non root mobile you can only enjoy some limited features to use all features of lucky patcher you have to root your Android device The main difference for rooted & non-rooted devices is that on a rooted device you can modify your apps without uninstalling but in case of non-rooted smartphones you have to create a modified apk file for any modifications of your apps & uninstall & install that app which is a little bit messy. Here is the list of all the features of lucky patcher app.

A series of games and applications are becoming popular among Android users. This is the reason why the game and application developers continue to launch new games and applications from time to time.

These developers want to earn huge money and to do this, they develop their applications and games in such a way that most of the resources are blocked. In most games, these can be unlocked either by collecting coins and gems by completing several missions or through in-app purchases. If you try to accumulate coins and gems and then aim to unlock resources, then this process would take months to work hard. Therefore, you are left with the second option of making in-app purchases. Most of us would consider it a bad idea to spend our hard earned money on buying the game’s resources. Lucky Patcher apk comes as a blessing in such situations.

Remove License Verification

If you download and install any APK file from anywhere other than Google Play Store, then you may face license verification error. You can remove the license verification of your applications with the help of this application.

Remove Annoying Ads

Have you ever faced annoying ads while using your favorite apps? If so, you can use LP app to remove all those free app ads and get rid of them. Using this application, you can remove any type of ads from your applications.

In-app purchases

These are the most important features of this application. LP in the shopping app feature helps you make free purchases of Premium material in your applications. Now you can buy free stuff in your applications without paying a single cent for the application developer.

 100% Safe And Protected

You may have heard that Lucky Patcher is a harmful application, but it is not true, since sensitive data is not collected. Google Play Protect will show this harmful application, but there is no need to worry and ignore that notification. This application is 100% safe and safe to use.

 App Options

With, the help of this feature, you can move your applications from the internal storage to the SD card and free up your device storage. Another point is that you can also backup your applications and your data for the future with the help of the backup apps option. Cloning applications is also possible with LP, you can clone your applications quickly.

Move Applications to the SD card

Android apps use a high storage of devices to save cache and Obb data files. As a result, it can cause high usage of internal storage that can cause problems installing new applications or saving new data. Therefore, you can move applications to the SD card and free the internal storage of your Android device.

Lucky Patcher For Android (Installation Guide)

This remarkable hacking tool allows you to bypass in-app purchases and remove ads so you can enjoy games and applications without problems. Since it is a hacking tool, it is not available on Google Play, but you can download your APK file from our website. The file is small in size and the download process, as well as to install it, is simple. Here are the steps:

Step 1 – First Download Lucky Patcher from above Bottom

Step 2 – Before installing the APK file you should go to the Android <Security configuration and check your unknown sources you are in or that you must enable to download Lucky patcher

Step 3 – Now open the downloaded file

You can get a pop-up with a nearby malware warning from Google. Click on the details and then press install anyway.

How To Hack in-app purchases with Lucky Patcher

Step 1: Open lucky Lucky Patcher on your Rooted device and go to the toolbox. You can find the Toolbox option towards the bottom of the screen. In the toolbox menu, click on ‘patch to Android’.

Step 2: Next, you will have to select all the patches shown. After that, you will have to wait some day for your device to restart.

Step 3: Now, close the application of Luck Patcher and leave it in the background. Next, go to the application or game that you want to hack.

Step 4: Shortly after clicking on the purchase option, you will find the Lucky Patcher window. Here you will see a message- ‘do you want to get this article for free? ‘

Step 5: Now click on “yes” to make that purchase for free. In this way, you can easily make all in-app purchases for free.

App Screenshots


Final Verdict

Several attractive applications and interesting games are becoming popular day by day. The only problem that most Android users face is that applications and games come with in-app purchases. In order to enjoy all the features of any application or to unlock the resources of the game, users have to spend their hard-earned money. Therefore, they look for different tools and methods to hack applications. However, hacking is not an easy thing. It is a difficult task to hack any application since there are several complicated steps involved in it. Fortunately, the Lucky Patcher is available.

It is a hacking tool that can patch any game or application and skip its billing system. In addition, the task of hacking is completed in a few simple steps. Apart from hacking the billing system, this useful application also helps in removing unnecessary ads for applications. It is also used to eliminate unnecessary permissions, system files and verification of Google’s license. I hope you liked our Lucky Patcher Download  Article.

This cracking tool works on almost all Android devices starting with Android 2.3.3. The only requirement that this application demands is root access. You need to root your device before installing the application so that it can function properly. However, you can also use this application on non-rooted devices. Some Lucky Patcher features can also be enjoyed on non-rooted devices. In general, it is an essential application for all those people who wish to enjoy uninterrupted games and access to Premium applications