WhatsApp OG is another popular whatsapp apk which is on the internet since a long time, From here you can easily obtain the latest version of this app for your android smartphones.

Download OGWhatsApp now with the link mentioned bellow. It is a modded variant of the original app and it lets users access a variety of extra features apart from the normal messaging services provided by the normal WhatsApp. Its need is clear in the market as more and more users are flocking onto OGWhatsApp as well as mods of its kind. It is easy to see why people are so fond of its functionalities. So much so that they are ready to ditch the play store version. Also look at FmWhatsApp, GbWhatsApp


We mad sure to provide our users with the latest version and have committed to update the links as soon as the new version arrives. Bookmark this page in order to stay always in check for any potential updates. Also, the best way of installation is laid out bellow. In order to minimalize the chances of any error, it is crucial that the process as mentioned gets followed correctly.

Download OGWhatsApp

Download APK

Use the link mentioned here in order to commence the download process. You will have to tap on the button and make sure you have some space left on your device. In case you lack space and the current amount is not sufficient, the phone itself will prevent downloading the file and ask you to clean up some space before downloading.


How To Install OGWA APK

  • Download the APK file from the link mentioned
  • Make sure that you have enough space
  • In case you don’t a prompt will ask you to delete some files in order to clean up some space
  • Once download commences, wait for it to complete
  • After completion, you will be able to initiate the download process by tapping on the apk file
  • The installer present in your Android device will object if you don’t have “Installation from Unknown sources” Enabled
  • This is a setting that is there to prevent installations from outside play store
  • You must change this in order for og whatsapp to install
  • Use the prompt itself to perform this change
  • Or you can navigate to the settings manually
  • Once this is done, the installation will continue
  • After installing successfully, you will be able access the mod from home page with the help of its launcher.

Make sure to use the link and get the APK file first. Since the app is not on play store, getting an APK is the only way to get it. Follow all instructions step-by-step in order to  make sure that files gets installed correctly. If they are not, your phone will give you all kind of errors. Feel free to ask away any doubts you are having and we will sort it out for you.

Features of OGWhatsApp

The mod is packed with all the state of the art features that you expect a MOD to have these days. Apart from that, it also has some unique functions that makes it different from others of its kind. Every mod has that key feature that it is known for and gets recognized because of it.

  • You can import your previous contacts
  • You don’t need the receiver to be using this app. If they are using normal WhatsApp they will still receive your messages sent from this MOD
  • There are lots of emojis, Which are not present in the official version
  • You can share files above 700MB
  • Hide blue ticks and there are more privacy options
  • Unlimited themes collection
  • Download status videos, photos
  • Allows messaging with all the media options
  • Pin your favorite chat list
  • Invite you, friends, with functions so many types of reasons Safe use

We made sure to include an extensive feature-list so that you can get the entire picture of this MOD. As per the list, it is very clear that the application is full of all the new features that other MODs are having these days. The best way to explore and learn about them is by using it. We suggest you to give it a go and compare it to other MODs that we offer on this site.


OGWhatsApp Screenshots


With all the basic and advanced features that are expected in MOD, OGWhatsApp can be a great recommendation “go to” MOD. Its developers have made sure to include the aesthetics of the early 2014 which gives it that retro green look. If that is what you’re searching for, OGWhatsApp is your bets bet. Make sure to try it out at least for a few days as a lot of scenarios are needed to played out in order to asses the true value of a MOD application.