WhatsApp Gold

Download The GOLD WhatsApp APK 2024 January Updated version from here very easily in few clicks!

WhatsGold download from the links mentioned. Its a WhatsApp Gold edition MOD that gives you premium features like – different profile pictures for different people as seeing stories without being found out while keeping blue check on. All such features have been added by the developers in order to enhance the overall experience. The vanilla version with which most of us are familiar with provides the most rudimentary functions pertaining to messaging and nothing more.

On the other hand, mods like WhatsApp GoldAPK offers some really enticing features that are really clever as well as practical. Take the example of profile pic visibility that we have mentioned earlier. It is something that is not going to come in Original WhatsApp anytime soon. Yet, with few tweaks, the people behind WhatsApp Gold managed to change this. Because of such extraordinary changes, WhatsGold has catapulted into a very established Mod with a substantial userbase.

WhatsApp Gold APK Download

Download APK

You can use the button provided in order to get the APK file that is required to install WhatsApp gold. Keep in mind that this APK file can be used to install as many times in as many Android devices you desire. But it is better to check for updates first before using the existing APK to install this MOD. The reason behind that is simple. Since WhatsApp Gold is based on the original version, it is also subject to the obsoleteness that comes with an outdated version. This is the reason why as soon as a new version comes out, the developers launch a Mod for that particular variant. This makes sure that the MOD keeps running.

The way obsoleteness works with this MOD, as mentioned earlier, is easily manageable. All you need to do is to look for update prompts and then come back to this page to download a freshly updated APK. This APK will include all the changes that developers might have made during the past few days prior to it coming out. You will be able to experience a better version of WhatsApp Gold in this way every time.


Although WhatsApp GOLD is packed with privacy features like different profile pictures for different people as seeing stories without being found out while keeping blue check on, the main kind of features offered here are much different than this. Most commonly available ones are actually quite gimmicky in nature. The include things like – different kinds of dark mode (like twitter), ability to change navigation bar shape, size and transparency etc.

  • Hide Online status from specific contacts or everyone
  • Change the Icon of the app
  • Hide blue microphone
  • Always online option
  • Hide Recording/writing status
  • Disable voice calls- By this feature enabled no one can call you
  • Choose the video player in WhatsApp Gold.
  • Hide media in Gallery
  • Select the language option
  • Hide Second Ticks/Blue Ticks
  • Enable Anti Revoke, where the sender is unable to delete messages for you.
  • Customize chats
  • Backup all messages
  • Pause last has seen
  • Change the background of the home screen.
  • Auto Reply messages
  • Colors and themes
  • Customize the Conversation screen, popup notification, main/chat screen, and widgets.
  • Lock complete app with patter or PIN, passcode

Such experience keeps the experience novel and make people keep coming for this MOD all the time. Color schemes are based on color theory so every color of choice of yours will include its counterpart on color wheel while using the app. For example, if you set cyan as the color of choice for Chat bubbles, then the bubble of the sender will become darker.

All the features and functions mentioned here are tried and tested by our testers. A team of 5 have had this for a week, which is a period we think is enough for determining proper value of MODs. In our testing, we concluded that WhatsGold is provides all the basic features like Text, Voice calls, Video Calls, Blue Checks, Double Ticks, Ability to hide profile picture from certain contacts, Customizable notifications, Notification light (If device supports it) and Ability to turn of read receipt.

GOLD WhatsApp Interface


WhatsGold has proven to be really good overall mod. All the features mentioned here have been verified. The base version is very prominent in WhatsApp Gold as the default theme closely resembles it. If in case you feel any lag of crashes while using it then try changing the theme. The main theme is dark green and it has that default custom notification thing that allows you to reply to a message from any screen. File sharing limits are much higher than the usual mod, allowing you to share big documents.

This high size is also applicable in groups. Not only you can share big files with contacts, it can also be done in groups (750 MB+). With such a size limit, it is safe to say that you won’t be needing to ask your contacts to switch to telegram. Speaking of which, WhatsGold has an official Telegram group where users share there experiences, feedbacks and suggestions to the developers. So in case you come accross any issues while your usage, you can report that in the WhatsApp Gold group and the developers will look into it promptly.