How To Protect your Child From Blue Whale Game

This is a Game that forced you to commit Suicide. In Blue Whale Game there is 50 Tasks that you need to complete all the tasks are related to self harming.

But in the 50th task which is the Last and final task to complete is to commit suicide.. Yes you heard right. Do you know that the number’s of suicide case were increased?? But why?

Because of the Blue Whale Game. Another question is why the so many peoples are committing suicide for this shitty game. If once you were start playing this game then the team of blue whale game will start black mailing you but how? They will hack all your personal information and then they will start blackmailing you.

So the lots of teen age’rs are affected of this game lots of teen age’rs are committing suicide due to blue whale game. Infect Indian children’s are also affected with this game.

So, here i am going to tell you that How You Can Protect your Child From Blue Whale This is not an fake post this post will absolutely help you.

Before starting the post i recommend you to read this post about Pink Whale because Pink whale is opposite of blue whale. You can Install Pink Whale on your child’s phone because by playing pink whale may your child will not affected with blue whale so must read this post >> Download Pink Whale Game 

How To Protect Child From Blue Whale Game Download

In this paragraph i am going to tell you the best way to protect your child from Download Blue Whale Game. o, there are many paid Spyware apps are available in the market which i recommend you to purchase but few peoples not wont to purchase so here i am going to tell you the free best Spyware App which will surely help you to Protect your child from blue whale game.

Simply you need to install one app in your child’s phone. By using it you can be surely monitor that what your child is doing on his/her phone.

NOTE: Do Not Use This App For A Bad Purpose Use This App Only For Your Child Safety

  • First-Of-All Download the SpyHuman App here
  • Or you can simply search on PlayStore for “SpyHuman
  • Download the application on your chlid’s phone
  • Now install the App and open it up
  • Make an account in SpyHuman
  • Now come on your DeskTop or Mobile
  • If you’re from Mobile then o to on Chrome
  • Click on the three dots
  • There you will find the option of Request DeskTop Mode
  • Now simply search SpyHuman Login Or Click here
  • Now enter the e-mail id and password that you entered in your child’s mobile
  • Now you can see all the activity’s of your child like Whatsapp Messages, Apps, Call details etc you also see their location and click the image of his location.

How To Protect Your Child From Blue Whale Game Video Tutorial:

Photos Of Blue Whale Game Players That Committed Suicide

The First person in our list is from Indian Karela a 16 Years old child committed suicide after playing online Blue Whale Game and he accepted the Suicide challenge

Rest In Peace ?

A Small Message From TrickTon

It’s been a long day without you, my friend And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again We’ve come a long way form where we began Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again When I see you again.

Why you guys are committing suicide for this game ?

Whenever you think to do this think your Mom & Dad.

How they will survive

If you’re in depression then call on this Indian Suicide Care Help Line Number  022 2754 6669.

And if you’re from other country then simply switch on your mobile’s location and search Suicide Help Line Number. And tell your depression problem to them I am damn sure that they will help you. They will tell the solution.

Who Created The Blue Whale Game

If you don’t know that Who Is Admin Of Blue Whale So you can see the image bellow. Name is Philipp Budeikin He is from Russia and he is 21 years old studying about Game Developing he says “I want to clean this society from biological waste”. Currently he is in Russian jail for 3 years.

Final Words:

So Guys that’s all for this article i hope you like this article and if you did then please do share as much as you can. And if you guys have any questions regarding this article then simply scroll down there you will find the option of Comment simply write your question there and post it i’ll answer your query in 24 Hrs.

So, must download the SpyHuman into your child’s phone and share this post with every parents.

This is an best free method to protect your child with blue whale game. This method will surely help you to monitor your kids without knowing them.

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